ITManager system automation module is a response to the current requirements of IT teams. Responding to our customers’ needs and based on our engineers’ experience gathered during implementation works, we have created a tool that supports administrators in their everyday tasks. As a result, we introduced the functionalities that have only been available so far in international Enterprise class systems. Many of these features are available in the free LITE version of the module.



  • free permanent license for 100 computers and an administrator
  • full deployment support
  • 3-month maintenance service support, including updates



LITE version main functions

  • task wizard
  • operation templates
  • application and script installation
  • files and folders distribution
  • bulk message sending to users


The LITE version also includes standard ITManager functions

  • centralized list of the registered workstations and their activity statuses
  • organizational and location structure management
  • Active Directory integration



The capability to create, step by step, a task that covers a specific list of workstations.
Based on the saved template, you can specify the list of task recipients and the start date. The specified workstations automatically retrieve saved tasks information and launch the intended actions.




A list of custom user templates containing recurring operations (e.g. installation of application X, running PowerShell script Y, distribution of Z files to the user's desktop).
Each template contains a list of actions that can be run sequentially (e.g. close the process, upload the files, run the installation, restart the computer). Selected templates can be launched in a user session. This allows, for example, to install an application in a user interaction mode.


Remote distribution of installation files.
The selected files are encrypted and distributed to the specified recipients as packages. The automation module allows for optimization of data transfer between agents, significantly reducing the network load in case of a large number of recipients and/or large installation package size. The system also includes application installation log that shows the detailed installation status.


Files and folders can be specified as required for the selected user template. Similarly to application installation, the system delivers specific data to the indicated recipients using the built-in compression and encryption mechanisms.


Creating and sending a text message to a specified group of recipients.
The message can be saved as a template for repeated sending. Workstations, organizational units, locations, or virtual groups can be selected as recipients. When the message is received, ITM Agent displays it as a pop-up window until it is closed by the user. The system also stores sent messages history along with read receipts.

Predefined template actions include:

  • distribution and installation of:
    - MSI packages
    - MSP fixes
  • distribution and launch of:
    - BAT files
    - PowerShell scripts
    - EXE files
  • CMD execution
  • REG files distribution and import
  • files and folders distribution
  • process termination
  • system service starting, shutting down, and restarting


The full version of the automation module also includes the following functionalities:


free permanent license for 100 computers and an administrator  |  full deployment support  |  3-month maintenance service support, including updates

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