We started by consulting the IT team on the desired effect of the deployment. The primary objectives were:

  • fast inventory of the hardware the IT department is responsible for
  • software legality checkup and licenses management
  • legacy remote work VNC solution replacement with an adequately secure system
  • launch of HelpDesk portal for all-in-one user contact and incidents support
  • deployment of the GDPR compliant process for IT systems and personal datasets access permissions requests handling




  • permanent licenses delivery
  • system deployment and configuration
  • launch of Access Management module that supports GDPR regulations compliance
  • training of both the IT team and the selected employees



We started the deployment by configuring system agents (such as hardware/software scan cycles or remote desktop policies) and major functions configuration. The installation of the first group of agents was completed using the ITManager built-in mechanism. 

The successful completion of the first stage of the installation enabled us to distribute the install package with the system agent to other computers, using the customer's Active Directory (GPO). Thanks to the system software identification, we were able to present workstations software report on the first day of the deployment. At this stage of the deployment, the City Hall software management team was trained on the proper tool use. By activating HelpDesk module in its default configuration, the users were informed on the new IT department communication channel in no time.

At the end of the first week, 200 new tickets were submitted. HelpDesk portal launch also included remote workstation support mechanism, including tools such as safe remote desktop, and unattended software installations and scripts that do not require a physical admin presence. The final stage of the deployment was modeling permissions request workflow for the customer defined IT systems and personal datasets

The data security administrator consulted on the workflow modeling process, which significantly sped up production launch of the system. Upon the deployment completion, both the IT team and the designated City Hall employees were trained on the ITManager functions in the production environment. The project was completed in January, within the agreed timeframe.



#HelpDesk with #AccessManagement add-on


1 month


Professional tool for the IT department

In February 2018 we faced a challenge of replacing the central IT resources management system for one of the leading food manufacturers and distributors in Poland. Their IT department manages an environment of over 1,500 workstations, both at the company's headquarters and in over a dozen divisions all over the country. The project objective was to replace a solution based on free OCS Inventory with GLPI add-on with a commercial solution.

ITManager Deployment at Bielsko-Biała City Hall

Over the last few years, the Polish public sector IT infrastructure has been among the largest and fastest growing branches of state investments. Wanting to streamline information exchange and standardize their systems, the Bielsko-Biała City Hall IT team decided to modernize the solutions used to support IT resources and processes management. In order to do that, they deployed the ITManager system.