ServiceDesk – functionalities

  • users’ maintenance ticket registration,
  • dedicated web panels for engineers, managers, and users,
  • custom ticket categories,
  • ticket template wizard for selected categories,
  • automatic ticket handler assignment,
  • defining the list of statuses and priorities,
  • SLA times setting and analysis,
  • full ticket support from any web browser,
  • notification templates (mail, SMS),
  • dedicated support lines (tickets forwarding),
  • maintenance service companies database,
  • creating a knowledge base for the users,
  • notification board,
  • survey maker,
  • automatic ticket registration via email,
  • Resources Management module integration.

Software Configuration Database Module Description

Automatic hardware and software identification allows administrators to constantly monitor computer infrastructure. With ITM agent installed on a computer, the system can read the exact hardware configuration (including CPU, RAM, HDD, and BIOS) and collect software information. Using the built-in software signatures database, the administrator can make certain the scan results are correct. The mechanism also recognizes portable applications. Additionally, the system also scans HDD files according to the masks defined by the administrator (e.g. music, movies). The workstations list built into the console allows for transparent and ergonomic management of the company’s computers. The console interface offers various modes of workstations presentation (lists, organizational structure, location, network structure) and an overview of individual workstations activity. Extensive reports will help you plan hardware replacements and list the operating systems and applications installed. The system has a built-in mechanism that informs administrators (via email or SMS alerts) about detected irregularities. The above-mentioned features allow administrators to efficiently manage computers in environments with up to 10,000 workstations.


  • up-to-date knowledge of your computer configurations,
  • central management of workstations infrastructure,
  • easy purchase/budget planning,
  • oversight of user’s interference in the company’s hardware and software.


The ServiceDesk module of the ITManager system allows for flexible communication between the users and the IT team. The ServiceDesk module in its basic configuration guarantees quick launch of the incident management ticket registration process. You can add configuration steps, such as dedicated support lines, actual time tracking for ticket handling by engineers, and service management (SLA), in accordance with the future organization requirements.

At the customer’s request, additional maintenance service processes can be implemented, such as Problem Management, Knowledge Management, or, as part of a separate module, WorkFlow. Resource Management module integration provides information on resources related to the ticket submitter (such as hardware parameters, location, warranty period, or a dedicated maintenance service company). Thanks to the experience of our deployment team, the client receives a tool that helps manage the ServiceDesk team and support users in accordance with the best ITIL practices.


  • system support for the tickets registration,
  • ticket progress analysis,
  • Resources Management module integration,
  • dedicated support lines for handling tickets (line I, II, and III),
  • maintaining high standards of service availability (SLA analysis),
  • review of the most common types of tickets (infrastructure weak points analysis).

Access Management

Having consulted the public sector and commercial customers, we decided to create a dedicated Access Management module. In accordance with the GDPR recommendations, the system ensures the correct implementation of the process of granting and revoking permissions to IT systems or data sets.

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