User Monitoring

  • actual application work time monitoring

  • visited websites monitoring

  • printouts volume monitoring (by user, printer, documents)

  • system activity monitoring (running processes detailed analysis)

  • USB devices monitoring (files copied from/to the workstation)

  • USB drives lock
  • trusted USB devices authorization

  • connected USB devices log

  • selected websites blocking (allowed and forbidden addresses listing)

  • real time user activity analysis

  • PC workstations analysis - turn on, shut down, sleep, lock

  • user's screen content periodical recording


The module enables efficient work time usage monitoring and employee performance analysis. Individual supervisory components provide valuable information on web activity and provide an overview of the actual software licenses usage (user activity/inactivity time analysis for individual applications against the software licenses used).

This knowledge allows for cost optimization and effective licenses management. In addition, local and network printouts are analyzed. The system agent saves the information on the number of pages, the document names, and the printout types (color/mono). The collected data is presented in the form of clear summaries and charts for easy analysis. Selected reports are visible on the website that can be accessed by the decision makers. The ITM monitoring agent activity also includes USB-connected portable devices. Each detected device is analyzed for files copied from and to the workstation and can be remotely locked. System administrators can also create trusted lists of authorized USB devices and specify the workstations where such devices will be active.


  • access to the list of websites visited by the users
  • actual usage of the owned software licenses analysis
  • list of printing costs for individual users and devices
  • detailed daily work activity analysis
  • unknown USB devices lock
  • history overview of files copied by the users from/to USB devices

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