Automatic inventory of the registered workstations hardware and system configuration. With automatic configuration changes analysis and current parameters readout, administrators can be alerted on the irregularities discovered.

Computer and software configuration database

Installed applications readout and hard disk drives content analysis enables precise identification of the installed software. Combined with purchased licenses inventory, it enables the system to perform an internal software legality audit. 

Software legality management
Remote management and automation icon

With remote workstation connection by desktop takeover and LAN/WAN file transfer, the administrator can manage backups, as well as scripts and programs installation throughout the entire organization.

Remote management and automation

System zone enables central management of your resources. With a built-in wizard, you can create any resource type, describe it with the attributes required, and link it to any other object. The inventory taking process is supported by a dedicated mobile devices app.

Resource management

Incident managements, problem management, knowledge base management, and SLA management are the system components that allow you to organize the IT teamwork and implement the best ITIL practices. A modern, responsive web interface provides a simple way of registering and handling tickets.



Secure, efficient, and encrypted inter-organizational communication is made possible by a built-in messenger. Users can send text messages, make audio-video calls, share screens, and make conference calls.


Better security, with periodical LAN scanning with discovered devices analysis. SNMP provides information on printers and network devices. Network traffic and devices relationships are also analyzed in a form of a network map.

LAN network monitoring

Handling requests that require decision-makers approval, e.g. granting access to IT systems (with GDPR procedures support), employee recruitment, or hardware purchases.

Access Management

Employee activity information readout. Full overview of logins, applications launched, data copied, websites visited, as well as printout analysis. 

Users monitoring